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Pros do have heart?

August 24, 2008

Manny Ramirez doesn’t hustle, Randy Moss takes plays off, I can’t remember the last time I saw someone play defense in the NBA. Apparently, Jerry Colangelo wasn’t crazy with the “3 year commitment.” He had a dream, and as most of us dreamed, his vision came to fruition. He had faith in something that many of us thought had died in the youtube era. Apparently, after years of not dominating, and not even medaling, the millionaires had enough.

Watching the Olympics is great because it lets us all watch people that are sort of amateurs do things to push themselves to an athletic pinnacle, and doing it all in the name of country and pride. For the most part, we don’t see pros, and when we have seen them, they have been typical pros, but watching the USA Basketball team romp through this tournament, I have seen more heart from a Pro since the season finale of “Pros vs. Joes.” A band of millionaires, with a millionaire coach, and billionaire owner truly did find redemption. The “Redeem Team” didn’t just redeem gold and American dominance, they redeemed a youthfulness and of joviality that can only be likened to the kids at the LLWS. Watching Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd jump up and down on the sideline for each play that was made by their teammates, watching Kobe run end to end nailing 4 point plays and playing defense, watching the team run around the gym and celebrating at center court rejuvenated my belief in Pros. The US victory makes me happy to be a fan, and I just hope that athletes all over the world take a que from this team. Bring the heart back to the game, it’s better for everyone. The Pros went from people that exhibit behavior that can be likened to this, to behavior like this. See what happens when they try.