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About this whole DH thing

June 17, 2008

The old schoolers hate it, fat guys love it, and fans could probably care less. Either way, the DH is back in the news. For those of you that don’t know, Chein-Ming Wang is out for a while. We have seen the replays several times, and have yet to realize how he actually hurt himself, damn snipers. One thing that we do know, if there was a DH, Wang would not have been in that situation.  Another thing that we know, there is one man that has an opinion. Everybody’s favorite Steinbrenner, Hammerin’ Hank, told the NY Post’s Kevin Kernan “It’s time the National League joins the 21st century, or is forced to join. The National League is playing the same way it did in the 1880s. That’s over with. The National League should have the designated hitter. There’s no question the National League should have it.”

Sure Hank is a blowhard. Sure he has picked fights with Red Sox nation, thrown stones at construction workers, had enough of Joe Torre, and has now waged war on the entire National League, but does he have a point?

We often hear about the AL shouldn’t have a DH. It isn’t “pure” baseball WAAAAAAA!!!! Hank has raised the contrarian’s point of view. The NL is the one that has it wrong. Pitchers in the AL hardly do anything athletic, and in the NL, well they usually just attempt a bunt, or typically strikeout. Micah Owings aside, pitchers should not be batting, let alone running the bases. Pitching is definitely difficult to do, but anyone that has been around the game knows that pitchers are a different breed. They are a little “different” from those regular ball players, and as such, they should have a little bit different circumstances. The DH is right for the game. Besides, the DH brought us Edgar Martinez. We owe the DH

Hank the Tank-Kevin Kernan (NY Post)