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PING!!!! CWS-Pick your ACC fav

June 13, 2008

F*ck Actober…It’s time for the College Baseball World Series. Not really sure why they call it the world series when the NCAA is strictly something that resides with in the US. Oh well, we don’t have international readers anyway. If ESPN can get people to watch pansy ass crap like the Softball World Series, then they better get people to tune into a real sport. Granted you won’t get hotties like this, but you will get 8 teams that have had hardly any media attention for the last 6 months, and now get to be under the propaganda machine known as ESPN. You might even get two team mates fighting. There are 8 teams in this tourney 2 SEC, 1 Pac 10, 1 Conference USA, 3 ACC teams, and we don’t know what conference Fresno State is in. Match-ups are below, plus a little prediction action…

Bracket 1FSU, Stanford, Georgia, and Miami

FSU (54-12)-The Seminoles are the lowest rated ACC team, but that isn’t saying much considering the other two. FSU has stumbled a little in the regional and super regional, earning losses against Bucknell and Wichita State, but they have rallied and done enough to earn a spot in Omaha. They own the best offense in Nebraska right now, and arguably the best player, catcher Buster Posey (.460, 26 HR, 92 RBIs). Come on, with a name like Buster, he has to be full of athletic prowess.

Cardinal (39-22-2)-We like them mainly because they are one of a few major sports teams without a plural, and seem very pompous for the reason they chose the name. Regardless, the “Big Trees” are in the CWS. Stanford is a tremendously balanced team, hitting nearly .300 as a team. “Tremendously balanced” means that they don’t do anything particularly well, but it also means that they are really terrible anywhere either. They were able to run through Cal State Fullerton on their host regional, and ended 5-0 on the season against them. Unfortunately, nothing spectacular here. They should be happy just to be able to step on the field at Rosenblatt Stadium.

Bulldogs (41-23-1)-As one of two bulldogs in this fight, they bat .309 as a team, and have a closer with 2.76 ERA. A strong bullpen can go a long way in a short tournament like this. Their SS, Gordon Beckham, leads the team at .301, 26 HRs, and 72 RBIs. They have 4 players with double digit dingers, and a team that lives on the long ball is in the right place. Pitching is what wins championships, but some dingers might make it interesting.

‘Canes (52-9)-The ‘Canes have been the #1 team in the pre-season, the #1 team throughout the entire season, and stand a good chance of ending #1. The team bats .322 as a team. Not sure if you noticed, but the ‘Canes play in the ACC (the best conference in college baseball). Yonder Alonso is all over the college baseball world, and that is probably because he is really really ridiculously good. One downside for the ‘Canes is that he looks like he is 34, eats small children for snacks, and bears a striking resemblance to Mike Golic. Lucky for them, they have a sick pitching staff that includes an 11-0 freshman (2.62 ERA), a reliever with a 1.97 ERA, and a closer that has 13 saves.

Prediction-Although the talent pool is nice in this group, and FSU beat Miami once this season, look for the Hurricanes to run this division and take a spot in the finals versus the bracket 2 winner.

Bracket 2Fresno State, Rice, LSU, UNC

Bulldogs #2 (42-29)-When we were little we bought a Fresno State hat. It was white and had a cool looking bulldog on it. Personally we like their mascot better than Uga, David Carr also played for Fresno State, Fresno State beat ASU in the super regionals, and that about does it for our knowledge of this team. We learned that they are the first #4 seed to make it to the CWS, and they beat some of our faves, Long Beach State and San Diego. The Bulldogs should enjoy their two day holiday as one of the elite teams in the NCAA.

Rice Owls (47-13)-Rice is one of the country’s premier baseball programs. We aren’t sure if Rice actually has an offense that is worth talking about, but they sure do have a pitching staff. The team ERA of 3.63 could go a long way in earning this team a spot in the finals. An opening game against Fresno State could help as well. Fresno was ranked 4th for a reason. Look for the Owls to sneak through that game pretty easily, which is a third of what they need.

LSU Tigers (48-17)-The SEC champion has two players with 20 or more homers, and has a solid pitching staff. A tough draw to face UNC first, but this team has been one of the best for the entire season (including a 23 game winning streak), but reports are circulating that Les Miles is leaving to coach the West Michigan Whitecaps, that could hold the Tigers back. This team has come from behind 29 times this season, including a 5 run rally in the 9th to save the season against UC Irvine. Can the rally tigers continue the magic?

Tar Heels (51-12)-The Heels have made it to the CWS for 3 years in a row, and this just might be their best team yet. This team boasts a .324 team average, and a 2.83 ERA, which is ridiculous. Their pitching gives them an edge in this tournament. Plus, if they are shown in primetime, we will get more Psycho T. That is good for everyone.

Prediction-Rice has solid pitching, but the Tar Heels do it all. These two will square off, and UNC will be making the trip to the finals.

Finals Prediction-The ACC has more going for it that the Vick’s. UNC is the only team in the country that took the season series from the ‘Canes. It will be hard for UNC to take another one from this highly talented team. Awesomo has half a heart siding with the ‘Canes (ever since the Warren Sapp days). The Tar Heels will take this one to the brink, but look for UM to win it in 3. Pitching wins championships, but this is college, those mofo’s get metal bats.

If you don’t like what I have to say, you can always check out some of the other recaps on the web. This one is pretty solid.