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PING! Buster Posey’s Last Stand

June 17, 2008

Too busy watching your little brother get an X-rays last night? Sorry they was a bit of inside information. Regardless, here is what you missed on the collegiate diamond…

Miami 7, FSU 5; Miami won the game, and in an elimination game, that is all that counts. This game won’t do much in the way to build confidence. Just look at what closer Carlos Gutierrez had to say at the press game conference. Well actually, he didn’t attend questioning. Perhaps he wasn’t happy with his performance, yet again. So far he has faced 16 hitters, allowed 7 hits, 7 runs, 5 earned (granted it was his own error), and 2 walks. One night after blowing the game, Gutierrez made this one interesting in the 9th as the Seminoles rallied for 3 runs. Buster Posey, the Dick Howser Trophy winner, and Golden Spikes finalist, stood at the plate in the form of the go ahead run. Perhaps Gutierrez did the right thing. He walked Posey to load the bases, then got Jack Rye to ground out, ending the game. FSU is out, and somewhere Jenn Sterger weeps. Miami lives another day to face the loser of the Georgia/Stanford game. Speaking of the Georgia/Stanford game…

Georgia 4, Stanford 3; The Cardinal battered the ball around in the 3rd, including a home run from Jason “The Astro” Castro, to back Georgia into a corner. As Miami learned last night, and Stanford tonight, nobody backs baby Georgia into a corner. Stanford decided not to score anymore in the game, and Georgia decided to score 4 more times, including 2 in the 7th. After a controversial foul call, Georgia continued to rally. Matt Cerione drove in the eventual game winner with a bases loaded single. The bullpen pitched 6 shutout innings, and the Bulldogs await the winner of the Miami/Cardinal match-up.


PING! Accountability

June 16, 2008

One of our largest pet peeves in the sports world, is the lack of accountability. When people make predictions, and they are right, you will never hear the end (even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then), but when they are wrong? Well, most just go on to make another asinine prediction. One thing you will get here at Awesomo is accountability. For those of you that might have read our College World Series preview, you may have read comments like “The Bulldogs should enjoy their two day holiday as one of the elite teams in the NCAA,” or “An opening game against Fresno State could help as well. Fresno was ranked 4th for a reason. Look for the Owls to sneak through that game pretty easily, which is a third of what they need,” or even “Although the talent pool is nice in this group, and FSU beat Miami once this season, look for the Hurricanes to run this division and take a spot in the finals versus the bracket 2 winner.” It was an entertaining weekend in college baseball, and pretty much proved that we don’t need to make predictions. We aren’t going to stop that, but at least we will admit when we are wrong. For those of you that don’t know, this is what happened in the weekend of college baseball…

Bracket 1

Cardinal 16, Seminoles 5;
The Cardinal led this one until a game tying, 2 out, 3-run homer in the bottom of the 8th. The Seminoles were flying high. Unfortunately, so were the era’s of their relievers. As the 9th began, the Seminoles sat tied, and looking for the chance to continue the rally in the 9th. The only thing that stood between them was 3 outs, and apparently a new college world series record. 11 runs in the top of the 9th for Stanford tied a CWS single inning run record, and devastated one of the best teams in the country. Mike Martin sure wasn’t calling this effort “beeeeeeautiful.” Stanford moves on in the winners bracket, and FSU faces the dredges of elimination. Fortunately for them, it is against a familiar opponent…

Georgia 7, Miami 4; Miami took the lead in the 7th, when their best player (Alonso) hit a go ahead homer. This meant that only 6 outs were in their way of a first round victory. For fans of the U, this is a situation that they would take every time this season. As a matter of fact, Miami hadn’t lost this season when leading after the 8th. UGA wasn’t going home that easily. They put the pressure on stud closer, Carlos Gutierrez, singled, reached 1st on a strikeout, singled in a run, then the wheels came off. The ball came back to the pitcher, and anyone that knows pitchers, knows they struggle throwing anywhere but to the plate 60 ft 6 inches away. The throwing error allowed the go ahead run to cross the plate, and sent Miami to an elimination date against the familiar opponent, FSU. Bracket 1 is showing why the ACC only has 1 national championship.

Bracket 2

Fresno State 17, Rice 5; Not to be outdone by the other Bulldogs, and making us look like idiots, Fresno State put the beatdown on one of the nations best pitching staffs. The lowest seed ever at the college world series is not taking that distinction laying down. As a matter of fact they are doing it standing up, and even trotting, trotting all around the bases. 9 runs for this team came in the form of 3 homers. This team has done a lot of growing from their 8-12 start. They have arguably had the toughest road over the last month, but they won’t let that stop them. Fresno isn’t listening to critics, but we are still going to make a prediction. Tomorrow isn’t going to be as easy as today. Because tomorrow they face…

UNC 8, LSU 4; UNC controlled this game. They staved off a late rally, and a few blown calls to keep down the rally tigers. UNC’s dominating team was able to show just what a well rounded team can do in Omaha. Alex Wright dominated the game with 6 K’s in 7+ innings. Great starting pitching, timely hitting, and a closing effort by the bullpen launched UNC to the second round in the winners bracket. That is not a good sign for the rest of the teams in bracket 2.

Only 2 teams have ever come back to win the championship after losing the first round game. If LSU, Miami, Rice, and FSU go home early, they can check out the Auggie Garrido special on ESPN. That is some entertaining stuff.