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PING! I hope the BCS was watching

June 26, 2008

The Fresno State “Don’t Call Me Cinderrella” Bulldogs became the national champions of college baseball at the College World Series (that sentance is a bit of an oxymoron). Steve Detwiler was a one man wrecking crew, with “one thumb” (he actually has two thumbs, but ESPN insists he has only one). The RF drove in all 6 of his teams runs, and recorded the final out, but Detwiler reminded interviewers that the victory was a team effort. It was a beaten down Bulldog team at that. They had injuries to their best pitchers, injuries to their best players, a low RPI, a low batting average, and a high ERA. ESPN announced that the team scored an average of 6+ runs a game which was good enough for 102nd in the nation (possibly the most unlikely championship ever). It turns out, that is just how Bulldogs like it, unless you are from Georgia. (For the entire game recap, check out this live blog)

With all of that lined up, Fresno shouldn’t have won. They shouldn’t have even been there. As a matter of fact, if this was the BCS, they wouldn’t have had the chance. They most likely, wouldn’t have even gotten a BCS game. If there was ever a case against the BCS, it is the way that baseball runs their championship (and basketball for that matter). All the little guys are asking for is a chance. They might not win often, but every now and then, they just might shock you. Not too many people in the world cared about Fresno St. before this championship (hell, not too many people cared about the city of Fresno), but for one week people cared. For one week they weren’t the little guy. They don’t want to be known as Cinderella, and they won’t. From now on, they will be known as champions.


PING! College baseball top 10

May 6, 2008

Baseball is alive and well throughout the country. The sun is peaking out in the East, the beach is calling, bars are opening their outside, and college baseball tournies are just around the bend. For now, we will take you through the past week’s action, and items of note for the coming week. Check last week’s recap for current rankings, and USA Today for the whole top 25. Check it oooooutttt…

1.) Miami (39-5): The ‘Canes remained on top of the polls after winning 6 straight, including this weekend’s series sweep against non-conference opponent Saint Mary’s. Yonder Alonso (pictured above) hit homers number 13 and 14. The ‘Canes have given up 12 runs during their current 6 game winning streak.

2.) UNC (38-8): The Tar Heels didn’t play last week.

3.) FSU (39-7): FSU did play, and they did it well, by sweeping Stetson in the middle of the week and Clemson over the weekend. Rattling off 5 wins has this team poised for the ACC tournament in a few weeks.

4.) ASU (37-8): The Sun Devils took 2 of 3 in a hard fought battle with UCLA, pushing them past Stanford in the conference, and the rankings. ASU looks poised to take a national seed in the tourney. Wichita State could use a W against ASU, so look for the Shockers to play some motivated baseball in their mid-week match-up with ASU.

5.) Texas A&M (40-8): The Aggies boast the most wins in the country, including 23 of 25. They face a test this weekend against Nebraska, but an impressive performance could lock up a national seed.

6.) Rice (34-11): Apparently, they do some learning in Texas as Rice was off for the week with finals, but return this week with games against OSU and Houston.

7.) Nebraska (36-8-1): The aforementioned series against the Aggies will be a test of strength for the Huskers, HUSKER POWER!!!. They have a lot of time on their hands out their in corn country.

8.) OSU (35-12): As the third Big XII team in the top ten, the Cowpokes took 3 of 4 from Utah Valley this weekend. Other than this week’s tune-up against Rice, the Cowboys are poised to begin the Big XII tournament.

9.) Georgia (31-15-1): The Bulldogs lead the SEC. They used this weekend’s series win against Ole Miss, the home of Eli Manning, to vault into the top 10. With games against Vandy, and the conference tournament, there is still plenty for Georgia to prove.

10*.) San Diego (37-13): After a disappointing mid-week loss to Cal State Fullerton (12-3), the Toreros rebounded to take the weekend series against Pepperdine. The Toreros weren’t that disappointed by the losses because this is where they live. San Diego wraps up conference play this weekend in San Francisco.

Others of note:

198.) Rider University 24-20: Tumbled 30 spots in the RPI ratings after being swept by the Sienna Saints over the weekend. The weather was miserable, and so was the play of the Broncs. They still stand in 4th place in the conference, and can take solace in the fact that this is where they live.

*Technically, they are ranked 11th, but we didn’t want to talk about Wichita State, so we put San Diego in the top 10.

Ping! College baseball top 10

April 22, 2008

There isn’t usually a whole lot of attention for college baseball, but we here at Awesomo find it awesome, so we are going to try our best to promote the sport. In “Ping” we will recap some highlights of the top 10, and other teams of note throughout the country. You can check the entire top 25 here at “USA Today.”

1.) Miami 33-4: The Canes may not be good at football, but donations from Arod sure don’t hurt the baseball team. They took 2 of 3 from No. 2 FSU, including holding off a late rally. Plus the ‘Canes mascot, the Ibis (duck) named Sebastian(wtf?), can do this.
2.) FSU 34-5: Miami handed the ‘Noles their first conference losses of the season. These teams might meet again in the conference tournament or college world series for some good baseball. In the same game above, ‘Noles late rally fell short.
3.) UNC 34-7: The ACC has a stranglehold over the top 25 as the Heels, even without Tyler Hansbrough, were able to beat BC over the weekend.
4.) ASU 31-6:ASU dropped 2 of 3 to the resurging national champs, Oregon State.
5.) Rice 31-10:The baseball powerhouse Rice, from CUSA, knocked ECU out of the top 25, and beat No. 6 Texas A&M.
6.) Texas A&M 33-7: Used 8 jacks to win two games then decided that pitching could be fun too, and used arms to sweep conference rival, Baylor, in a 2-1 dual on Sunday.
7.) Wichita St. 30-7: The Wichita St. lightning bolt thingies with grain as their mascot won 2 of 3 against Southern Illinois, but lost to Nebraska midweek.
8.) Nebraska 28-7-1: Nebraska beat the aforementioned Shockers, and won the weekend series against Kansas. Good thing for the baseball team, the football score doesn’t carry over.
9.) South Carolina 29-11:Although this isn’t relevant, they are the alma mater of my dentist. Dentist’s suck, but this team does not. They won the weekend series against Ole Miss.
10.) Missouri 28-10:Rounding out the top 10, Mizzou took 2 of 3 from Oklahoma this weekend.

Other awesome notes

17.) San Diego 31-11:Beat No. 11 UC Irvine during the week, 7-1, and gave up 3 runs over the weekend against Saint Mary’s. Unfortunately, the Torerors have to play in San Diego, CA, Fullerton, CA, and Malibu, CA over the next two weeks. Estimated weather conditions, perfect. WAAAAAAA!
18.) Coastal Carolina 33-7:The Chanticleers have rattled off 8 wins in a row, including 12-0 win over baseball power house Elon. On what other new source will you read a sentence like that?
23.) Michigan 28-6:The only team representing the Big 10, in the top 25, have won 11 in a row, 14 of the last 15, and scored 27 runs on Sunday against in state rival MSU.
25.) Long Beach State 23-14:What is a college baseball recap without a mention of Jason Giambi’s alma mater, the Dirtbags? Be on the lookout for the upcoming match-up with San Diego.
183.) Rider University 20-15; Although lacking victories against quality opponents, the Broncs are off to one of their best starts in the last 10 years. What are the Broncs you ask? I guess they are horses, and as an alumni, Awesomo has to give them props.