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Hot Chicks & Clicks; Summer Hours

June 13, 2008

“Yeah we tease him a lot because we got him on the spot, welcome back, welcome back…” If you didn’t guess it, the lyrics are from “Welcome Back, Cotter,” a show we have never seen. The lyrics are two fold, one we are back. Our reader may have noticed, we haven’t been around a whole lot lately. Stupid work and stupid vacation. By vacation we mean working more. Two, Fergie is apparently a tease, F’n lucky bastard Josh Duhamel (but damn can he act). We watched like 10 minutes of Grindhouse: Planet Terror (not the one where Kurt Russell kills people with cars, the one where Rose McGowan doesn’t have a leg). Fergie was in it, so it sparked a google search, and who is the big winner? Reader is the big winner!! We know it’s the summer, and we are typically lazy, but we are going to put some effort our there for you. We got college world series previews, mlb, and music to discuss. Hell, we even have links for you…

(Hot Clicks)-After all of the fist pounding terroristic action, I am completely convinced that Barrack Obama is “The Rock.” Check the Tale of the Tape if the presidential hopeful would match-up if he had to go against “The People’s Champ.”

(Major League Jerk)-We’ll be at the All-Star game, so we might as well look at what some people’s opinions are of the “players that should be there too.”

(All-Star Voting)-Get in your votes for Kei Igawa. I strongly surmase that he will have a solid write-in campaign.

(TBL)-Hot 100 madness. Since that post could use some more pics, we give our reader what he wants…Chicks dude, chicks.

(Fox Sports)-We are dipping into MMA a little, but that sh*t is full of crazies.

(Le Batard)-We don’t know if we like MMA, but we do know we like Kimbo. Plus this hit is sick.