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Greatest Tennis Match Ever!

July 6, 2008

Granted that is just our opinion. To show you how much our opinion means, the only other thing that we have ever watched that is remotely close to a tennis match is John McEnroe in Mr. Deeds. That still doesn’t change the fact that this match was riveting, exciting, dramatic, and any other word you can think of that means entertaining. Our new favorite tennis player, Rafael Nadal, became the king of grass and clay, becoming the first person since 1980 to win The French Open and Wimbledon consecutively. How did he do it you ask? With heart, perseverance, and determination.

The Spaniard, that refuses to wear sleeves, led the match two love before being halted in the third set due to rain. The Brits have yet to invent a roof for their stadium. The delay was just what Federer needed as he broke Nadal’s chance for a championship to take the third set, and did the same in the fourth. There they were, the king of clay, and the king of all tennis, knotted after 4 sets. The final set gave the fans any and everything they could have asked for. It was a back and forth thrilling set as Nadal refused to be broken. For the final set, the two traded games. Each refusing to be broken. Nadal led 40-0 with the two tied 5-5 and 6-6. Federer refused to be broken as he nailed aces and took each set. Not to be out-done, Nadal dazzled with his athleticism, broke Federer with the set 7-7, and Federer was done. Nadal, possibly running entirely on emotion, grunted and groaned his way to his first Wimbledon championship. Nadal celebrated with family and Spanish royalty, and was as gracious in victory as Federer was in defeat. Apart from some awkward hand pounds, hugs, and interviewing from John McEnroe, the match and the coverage was flawless. It is nice to see a network that knows they are not the story, the athletes are. This match was a raw confrontation of two men giving it all they had, and ended as the greatest match that we had ever scene, and arguably the greatest tennis match ever played. In all, it has been a pretty good summer for Spain.