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Stealing Headlines: Jay Cutler

April 2, 2009

Mile High Cutler

No one reads us, our blog has a really confusing name, we have real day jobs so we never update, and don’t have any credentials or access to anything or anyone interesting. We want to be involved in the online community, but don’t even know how to make a tweet, or know exactly what that is. We tried branching out on facebook, but they changed their format now and we don’t even know how to get to our profile. What does all of this mean? It means we have nothing going for us on this site, and we are just doing it for fun. Welcome to a new catagory called stealing headlines. If you are like us, you are busy at work, but manage to go to (4 or 5 hundred times a day) just to check out the recent headlines. What we are going to do is pluck one of those headlines and give our opinion about it. After all, what is a blog for?

Today’s headline; “Jay Cutler is a cry baby

First and foremost, WAAAAAAHHH!!! Our opinions don’t really center around Cutler whining about not getting enough attention, but more around the trade offers. All of the parties involved (the Broncos) seem to have seriously departed from reality. Two first rounders? Are you kidding me? That is more than the Patriots and Packers got combined for Favre and Cassell. Fine, Cutler is young, has a very good arm, and parties like an animal, and judging by our friend Craigers, Denver is a good place to party, but ain’t no one gonna give up 2 first rounders for the portly partier (233 lbs). The Broncos want two first rounders for a guy that was picked 11th in 2006. That would be some good return on that investment. People haven’t seen inflated returns like that since the introduction of mortgage backed securities (nice work on the finance joke). Once again, the fans are the ones that miss out. Cutler is talented, I would much rather have him over Jason Campbell. They had a chance to build a talented offense, but are giving up on that. As a Charger fan, he is the perfect player that you can love to hate. The bottom line is that Cutler isn’t going to move easily, and the Broncos are going to be worse off for starting this situation. No one is going to comment, or even read this, but what would you give up for him (especially if you are Jets fan)?