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The next Paris Hilton?

April 25, 2008

If you were a faux celebrity, known for your hotness, but not really anything else, then what would you do? Would you make a sex tape? Now, I know many girls out there probably do it, especially ones that have been in Playboy, are amateur “reporters,” and like sports, but it is still news when it is confirmed. So who is the lucky lady?…






Awesomotime is confirming reports that Tampa’s own Jenn Sterger has made a sex tape with, Maxim Radio host, Rich Davis. This tape is solely for private use between the happy couple, but you never know when a budding starlet’s sex tape may “accidently” be released to the public. Details about the taping were discussed, at length, on the leading male’s radio show on Sirius 108. Catch the full recap and details on the show’s official webpage. Below is not a clip from the video.