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Hot Chicks and Clicks- No Asterisks Edition

July 3, 2008



Hot Chicks and Clicks- Fightin Style

June 17, 2008

“One more minute, the beaches San Diego,One more minute,the beaches Mexico.One more minute, we kick it back poolside,One more minute, and we’re down by the Oceanside,One more minute, one more minute, one more minute!”By one more minute we mean what our brain would be chanting if engaging in relations with Rachel Bilson.Instead we have four long ass days of work. Those lyrics pertain nothing to Rachel Bilson but its Authority Zero so everyone needs to listen to them.


Be alarmed if your neighborhood kids are doing this

Wedding Brawl

Wii Fit is f’ing things up

Cramer says Wall Street is finished

MMA finally in NY?

Awesomo story

White Supremacists heart Obama

Hot Chicks & Clicks; Tom Cruise has some list

June 16, 2008

“You’ve lost that loving feeling, whooaaa that loving feeling, you’ve lost that loving feeling, now it’s gone, gone, gone, whooooaaa.” Sorry for the old school Righteous Brothers song, but clicked random on our iTunes, and this is the song we got. At least you get a link to this sweet clip, and you didn’t get a song from this girly movie. Plus this song reminds us of “Top Gun.” Tom Cruise is in “Top Gun,” and has bedded some famous women. Somehow Sofia Vergara is a part of this list. If he used the moves from “Top Gun,” then we understand, if not, then I just tip my cap (even though I can’t wear hats to work). Don’t know who Sofia Vergara is? You can catch her on “Dirty Sexy Money,” which is actually a good show. Check it out in the fall.

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, unless it’s this knife.

Not sure if you know, but gas is expensive now. That sucks for auto makers, especially these ones.

We have actually done this, and yes it is as fun as it looks.

Blog+old school movie reference+where are they now=link from us.

Perhaps this man can make us happy with some of the upcoming election.

Hot Chicks & Clicks; Summer Hours

June 13, 2008

“Yeah we tease him a lot because we got him on the spot, welcome back, welcome back…” If you didn’t guess it, the lyrics are from “Welcome Back, Cotter,” a show we have never seen. The lyrics are two fold, one we are back. Our reader may have noticed, we haven’t been around a whole lot lately. Stupid work and stupid vacation. By vacation we mean working more. Two, Fergie is apparently a tease, F’n lucky bastard Josh Duhamel (but damn can he act). We watched like 10 minutes of Grindhouse: Planet Terror (not the one where Kurt Russell kills people with cars, the one where Rose McGowan doesn’t have a leg). Fergie was in it, so it sparked a google search, and who is the big winner? Reader is the big winner!! We know it’s the summer, and we are typically lazy, but we are going to put some effort our there for you. We got college world series previews, mlb, and music to discuss. Hell, we even have links for you…

(Hot Clicks)-After all of the fist pounding terroristic action, I am completely convinced that Barrack Obama is “The Rock.” Check the Tale of the Tape if the presidential hopeful would match-up if he had to go against “The People’s Champ.”

(Major League Jerk)-We’ll be at the All-Star game, so we might as well look at what some people’s opinions are of the “players that should be there too.”

(All-Star Voting)-Get in your votes for Kei Igawa. I strongly surmase that he will have a solid write-in campaign.

(TBL)-Hot 100 madness. Since that post could use some more pics, we give our reader what he wants…Chicks dude, chicks.

(Fox Sports)-We are dipping into MMA a little, but that sh*t is full of crazies.

(Le Batard)-We don’t know if we like MMA, but we do know we like Kimbo. Plus this hit is sick.

Hot Chicks & Clicks; Server issues

May 29, 2008

“I don’t practice santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball, but if I had a million dollars, I’d spend it allllll.” We don’t know what santeria is, apparently it’s this. Either way, the song rocks, and so does Sublime. Work is really lame when you don’t have a computer that can reach for the internet. I feel for all of those out there that are blocked by firewalls. For some reason my company allows me a great deal of freedom. Perhaps they trust me, perhaps they are just trying to entrap me. Either way, it is to your benefit because to the left is preggo doctor Katherine Heigl. We took the advice of Boob Tube and listened to “Knocked up” as we drifted to lala land. Then magically when we woke up, it was on again. HBO, you and your limited programing is awesomo. If you are in the predicament like us, and can hardly use the internet, you should waste your valuable time on cool links like these…

Think you are tough, think that soccer, football, and American Gladiators are for the weak, hell you even think rugby is for skirt wearing pansies, then check out Royal Shrovetide Football.

More G.I. Joe because he is a real american hero, and because Sienna Miller is in it, and because the Rock is in it, and we think the Rock is Awesomo.

The moon can stop battles. Perhaps the exit strategy for Iraq is to wait for 2012.

Ever since I can remember, mascots are at games. Why? WTF does a giant sausage fest have to do with Eric Gag-me blowing baseball games?

People like this are real?

People like this are real (Part 2)?

Hot Chicks & Clicks; Blog hard with a Vengeance

May 28, 2008

“If life gives you lemons, I say fuck the lemons and bail.” That is a sweet line from the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” If you don’t trust our opinion, believe the fine reviewers over at Rotten Tomatoes. Plus, Mila Kunis gets laid in the film, hence the picture. Sorry we have been away for a little, some lemons got thrust our way, but fuck it, we are back. Posts about mlb, college baseball, music, and who knows what else coming your way. For now, link it up…

 For the 1 year anniversary of his blog, Greg Oden ❤ China, and yes that is an emoticon.

The “Lost” season finale is two days of work away, here is a Q&A with Desmond to get you through the day, brotha.

If that doesn’t work, get lost here, literally.

What are obscure foreign roleplayers good for? Funny videos of course.

US football streakers look like this, but Italian futbol streakers look like this. That is some sh*t.

Wait, there is a new G.I. Joe movie? And Sienna Miller is in it? Saaawwweeet.

Hot Chicks and Clicks-Cash,Zoolander,Batman

May 13, 2008

“I didn’t even know a young lady could look that good. I’m ready da bounce outa queens and come to your hood. I’m ready da change your life baby, spend some cash because you got me chinky eyed like blunts mixed with hash.” The ladies don’t love Cool James for nothing. Missy Peregrym would be the bread winner in our relationship but that means little because she is smokin. Awesomo’s eyelids would never close if we had a chance with that. Every male needs to see her movie Stick It. That body is stacked. P.S. Awesomo ain’t from Queens.


Ecstasy coming to a school lunch near you

When in Australia do not dress like Batman


Hip Hop a gay community?

These soccer clubs believe in C.R.E.A.M

No wrinkles? No cigarettes for you

Prisoners of U.K. prisons congratulations you can keep your magic wands

This story is like a scene in Zoolander

Hot Chicks and Clicks

May 12, 2008

 “I love from butter pecan to blackberry molass’, I don’t discriminate, I regulate every shade of the (ass).Long as you show class, and pass my test. Fat (ass and) breasts, highly intelligent bachelorettes That’s the best, I won’t settle for less.”Eva Mendez has the ass and breasts to pass awesomo’s test. Unlike Big Pun our test would be graded on a curve. It wouldn’t matter if Eva Mendez could even put together a sentence, because awesomo thinks she is the best.

Bad Ass Weapons

What Steven Seagal emotion are you?

Mosquito’s have met their match

The science of Scotch

Pain killers seek and destroy

Cocaine submarines

Nintendo’s take on Halo 3

Traffic stop etiquette


Why have sex with a women when you can f**k a bicycle

Hot Chicks and Clicks-Lazy Friday

May 9, 2008


“You can’t tie a sweater over that ass, it hotter than pajamas, we lay back, blowin ganja. DVD, she make it hard to watch a flat TV – WHOA. I crept up behind her Mami threw it like a quarterback, I caught that like Rice I call mami Montana.” Sports and hot chicks only Jay-z can spit it so eloquently. As you know this is Angelina Jolie. Can the cross double as an arrow to the promise land? If you saw our poll about who would you rather, clearly Angelina may play a major factor in your decision. As it goes now its Friday and maybe Angelina will appear in our backyard festivities this weekend.

Time to surf

Beisbol has been very very good to me

WTF is wrong with teenagers

F’ing Canadiens

Even flowers can be whores

Slummin it, gangsta style

Seaweed a link to human existence

Kobe=The man (This is a plea for our friend to start writing posterized again)

Hot Chicks and Clicks-Booze

May 8, 2008

“Drunks and children they tell you the truth. That’s what I am, I’m drunken youth. And I’ll be drinkin’ ’til I die.But I’m a happy, very happy, very happy guy.” It probably wouldn’t take more than the smell of alcohol to attempt to hook up with Lindsey Lohan. Although not nearly our favorite she looks hot in that picture. The ankle bracelet really kicks up the sexiness. Enjoy the links.





Congrats Mothers you don’t have to quit your day job, the wii will teach your daughter to strip

Funny ass commercial

Wizardry? Awesomo didn’t get the memo

Awesome Nike Soccer Commercial, except for the fact its Arsenal

The history of Jack Daniels

You think your life sucks, try having hiccups for 15 months straight

Body of Christ. A potato?

Awesomo was among this group yesterday

Criminals are dumb

Sad but incredible website about September 11th