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So who got the scoop?

July 11, 2008

By now, 5:05 on the east coast, most people have probably heard that Brett Favre is looking to break away from the Pack. Possibily to move to Florida and hang out with Mary. Yes that is big news, but we leave big news to the big news sources. Is Favre going to get released? Will there be tears? Where will he land? Who knows? One thing we know is that we don’t care.

There are 3 sources that do care though; ESPN, Fox Sports, and SI. ESPN is claiming that their very own Chris Mortenson got the scoop, and it would appear as though he is reporting right from Brett’s side (byline of Hattiesburg, Miss). If he truly is all up in Favre’s grill, then why didn’t he drop the story until 4:46 pm?

When you look over at, it appears as though the AP had the story at 4:35pm. Upon even closer review, Fox Sports dropped the breaking news at 3:54. Resident headline grabber and ass kicker Jay Glazer gives credit to ESPN, but not specifically to Mort.

We find it hard to believe that Mort is actually doing any reporting. It must be nice to have the brass up at ESPN pass along scoops, and make it look like you are doing an excellent job. For now score one for the WWL, but Fox Sports had the headline first.