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Out of the basement, into the real world

April 18, 2008

 We're here 

Our lifelong dream, really we are that pathetic, of entering the blogging world has come true. A brief bit about us, we have a media background, sort of, we are the fans, and we love sports. Hence, that qualifies us to have a blog. We come with an east coast bias, sorry, but we will try to be fair. We are in our 20’s which means we are nostalgic for all things from our childhood of the 80’s and 90’s. What you are going to get here is this, a whole lot of sports, hopefully some actual news not just opinion, and a zest for all things awesome. This is it, we are staking our claim in the world of bull and opinions, we hope you enjoy. P.S. Carl Everett doesn’t think this whole moon landing thing ever happened…Mr. Dinosaur Bones.