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Going to Buy Sh*t

April 2, 2009

gardnerTake a big whiff. No that isn’t the feces pond that Artie experienced in Kandahar, in fact it is the exact opposite. Spring is in the air, and baseball is just about upon us. I have finished off three fantasy baseball drafts, and I am contemplating one more (<—Biggest Loser). Luckily for me, I will be experiencing actual baseball too. The season is starting up, and I need to buy some gear. If you aren’t from the northeast, you really don’t know about this jersey t-shirt thing. Growing up in San Diego, we never had something like this. The Padres weren’t going to spend money to license a t-shirt of Wally Joyner (damn he looks old). The fans didn’t care enough to buy it and the organization was so cheap that the players didn’t stay long enough to elicit any real fan appreciation (plus they didn’t win enough games). When getting to New York I saw these wonderful t-shirts that are like jerseys. You can buy most of the players. It is considered perfectly acceptable attire for any occasion. Not only do they have the jersey type shirts, but they also have creative ones that tend to center around sentiments of Buck Foston. Don’t worry, Sawks fans have the same shirts for Yankees to suck on.

There wasn’t one player that I really wanted drapped across my back when I jumped on the Yankee bandwagon. I liked Giambi, but I already had a BAMF Dirtbag’s jersey. Good thing too because he is long gone. I flirted with getting an A-Rod shirt because people were hating on him constantly, but then I realized that he is a Primma Donna, and now we are in the Post Madonna era I certainly can’t be supporting that behavior. Below I will drop some choice on you. I am going to run an unofficial poll to see which one I get. Here are the choices;

Joba Chamberlain-The guy is a stud. He has a sick 10.58 K/9 ratio as a starter, throws 100mph+ which makes that fire thing show up on the Fox radar gun, and he even has the power to postpone courts. If you can’t support this type of player, who can you support?

CC Sabathia-He is a big dude, costs a lot of money, and makes every fan of the Red Sox instantly hate him because he signed with the Yankees. He is a man that was well respected by the league and seen as a gamer for his efforts with perennial losers like the Indians and Brewers. Then, he was signed by the Yankees and everyone thinks his arm is going to fall off. If he was a Brewer people wouldn’t think this. Any man that gets this type of hatred is surely worth consideration.

Mark Teixeira-I didn’t care about him when he was on the Rangers, I didn’t think he was that good on the Braves, and he was not “clutch” in Anaheim (or Los Angeles or whatever). Now that he is a Yankee, he is probably the best 1b is the game, and worth every penny. I need to show my support for the team by supporting their financial decisions. Besides, how can you not like the guy that breaks the “i” before “e” rule twice in one name. That is impressive.


Brett Gardner-Granted, they don’t make it yet, but he is now the starting CF. He is the first centerfielder the Yankees have had in a while that didn’t cost a fortune or hold up trade talks for Johan Santana, so I am on board with the decision to start him. As a Yankee fan, we love our high priced free agents, but there is a certain soft spot in our heart for the home grown boys. Obviously, we love winners like Mo, Posada, and Jeter, but everyone has those shirts. We have the next coming of Shane Spencer here. The new guy that doesn’t appear to be that good, but is gonna get a lot of stuff done. I drafted him in my fantasy league, and I may need to show continued support by buying the jersey.

Now let the voting begin! I anticipating the vote will be tied at 0 for all of them, but I will check the comments to see all of the amazing comments that I am sure to get. These votes are going to sway my opinion on which jersey to wear, so take is seriously. Of course, there is the factor that I am going to new Yankee Stadium to sit in the new really ridiculously good looking suites on Saturday, so I am just going to go out now and by a Tex jersey. Thanks for the input though.


Stealing Headlines: Jay Cutler

April 2, 2009

Mile High Cutler

No one reads us, our blog has a really confusing name, we have real day jobs so we never update, and don’t have any credentials or access to anything or anyone interesting. We want to be involved in the online community, but don’t even know how to make a tweet, or know exactly what that is. We tried branching out on facebook, but they changed their format now and we don’t even know how to get to our profile. What does all of this mean? It means we have nothing going for us on this site, and we are just doing it for fun. Welcome to a new catagory called stealing headlines. If you are like us, you are busy at work, but manage to go to (4 or 5 hundred times a day) just to check out the recent headlines. What we are going to do is pluck one of those headlines and give our opinion about it. After all, what is a blog for?

Today’s headline; “Jay Cutler is a cry baby

First and foremost, WAAAAAAHHH!!! Our opinions don’t really center around Cutler whining about not getting enough attention, but more around the trade offers. All of the parties involved (the Broncos) seem to have seriously departed from reality. Two first rounders? Are you kidding me? That is more than the Patriots and Packers got combined for Favre and Cassell. Fine, Cutler is young, has a very good arm, and parties like an animal, and judging by our friend Craigers, Denver is a good place to party, but ain’t no one gonna give up 2 first rounders for the portly partier (233 lbs). The Broncos want two first rounders for a guy that was picked 11th in 2006. That would be some good return on that investment. People haven’t seen inflated returns like that since the introduction of mortgage backed securities (nice work on the finance joke). Once again, the fans are the ones that miss out. Cutler is talented, I would much rather have him over Jason Campbell. They had a chance to build a talented offense, but are giving up on that. As a Charger fan, he is the perfect player that you can love to hate. The bottom line is that Cutler isn’t going to move easily, and the Broncos are going to be worse off for starting this situation. No one is going to comment, or even read this, but what would you give up for him (especially if you are Jets fan)?