The Show: Post-season Award Alternative Endings (NL)

charlie-manuelBecause it’s fun to take the contrarian point of view, here are some alternate endings to the major awards that the MLB has paraded out the last couple of week. 

ROY: Sure Geovany Soto had this award locked up in May. Good thing voters ceased to observe any rookie play for the remainder of the season. Soto’s average steadily dropped for the entire summer, making a slight return in the final month of the season, due in large part to the rest between starts. So who do we think should have won? Jair Jurrjens. Jurrjens had 10 wins by the end of July. If we used the same measures that we did for Soto, his 2 month slump shouldn’t have cost him the award. He played in a division with such stalwarts as the Mets and eventual world champion Phillies. Jair finished with a 3.68 era, and that is after posting a 4+ era over the last two months. If the Braves can pull off the Peavy deal, they will be left with a starting 3 in the rotation that can match with any in the majors (Peavy, Smoltz, Jurrjens). Besides, his name is Jair. Also, pitchers are much more valuable than hitters. Just look at Cole Hamels.

Cy Young: Tim Lincecum was your winner. He didn’t lead the league in wins or ERA, which many claim to be overrated stats, but he did lead in strikeouts. WHooHoO! He also played in the paltry NL West, in which he only had to face many 1 time. Johan Santana should have been the winner. Perhaps the only reason that Omar Minaya should even be employed right now. They couldn’t have given up enough for the guy *cough* Brian Cashman *cough*. All Johan went on to do was not lose after June, and only once giving up more than 3 runs. Anyone that watched the Mets this season knew that was only about as much as he could have given up. If Johan should have one regret, it was that he ever let Jerry Manual take the ball from him. The Mets bullpen literally blew 5 wins for Johan, and the team failed to win 6 times when Johan gave up only one earned run. I think if you put 5 more wins on the plate for Johan, and even consider the effort that he gave in the last start of the season, he should have been the unanimous Cy Young award winner.

MoY: Lou Pinella managed to win with the most talented team in the NL. Good for him. Just in case he wasn’t a lock for it, the Cubbies went out to get Rich Harden. Pinella proved his managerial prowess by limiting Harden from injury for the remainder of the season. That deserves a major award, but not this one. Too bad his managing didn’t translate to the playoffs. Although these are “post” season awards, they do not factor in the “post-season.” No matter though because if they had, the rightful winner would have only excelled by even more. This award should have gone to Jerry Charlie Manuel. Yes the guy also won with talent, but at least he didn’t lose with it. *cough* Yankees *cough* Manuel managed to guide the Phillies to first in a tight NL East race again. He managed to do it without a starting rotation, sans Hamels. If that isn’t reason enough, have you seen this guy’s gut? I is amazing that he can even stand up. Although, the guy did look like a stud back in the day.


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