Tuck Time: Uhoh Osi

Ahhhhhhh. Take a deep breathe. What’s that smell? Fantasy drafts are in the air, starting QBs are being named, and people are starting to talk about a little more than Favre. Football season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, when one extremely vowel laden DE turned the corner, he blew out his knee.

What does the loss of their best defender mean for The New York Football Giants? Well, it certainly isn’t good. Some might rush to judgment and call for the return of the sackmaster Strahan, but they have already played Brett Favre, so he would have one less sack to get. At his ripe gap toothed age, he needs all the sacks he can get.

There is one silver lining for Big Blue. The man that was a partial inspiration for this blog will not be leaving the field. Justin “Awesomo” Tuck will have the chance to play every down this season. For the best DE that people have only cared about because he dominated in the super bowl, it is his chance to move among elite DEs. With 10 sacks in limited action last year, the Giants will not miss a beat from the sackmaster position. It never helps to lose one of your best players, but fans should be happy that they will be priviledged to watching one of the best young players in the game. We here at Awesomotime vow to bring you every iota of Tuck related news (not really, he will just write about it when we feel like it, but at least it will be more than anyone else will be writing about him). Okay, you can exhale now.


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