livebloging-all star drinking day

Today is the birthday of one member of awesomo and we are drinking our faces off.Awesomo is also attending the all star game and since you can watch it on tv we decided to liveblog our drinking instead.The plan is to drink in the city until we stumble into the game at 8. After the game or when we leave we are going to continue the drinking in hoboken.Will this plan work? WE hope yes or we may pass out on the path train.The first stop was Stout and we had two drinks a piece.We are now at Turtle Bay and its white trash tuesdays so it looks like PBR cans and some punch. Check back later for updates. Disclaimer we may not continue the liveblog. Next place is Opal which is about two inches away from Turtle Bay. Turtle Bay had the craziest bartender but our drinks were crazy cheap. Now after taking a red devil shot we are close to wasted. Wait we are already wasted so therefore we are going to continue because we are in for the long haul.


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