Boob Tube Time-Movie Edition

Not the usual boob tube update, but we are the usual blogger. It’s Friday night, and you know what that mean, right? It’s date night. We are in a movie kind of mood, and we will see if the Mrs. is too. Now comes the question, go to the movies (which is expensive and a hassle), or stay in and rent from our friendly neighborhood Blockbuster? We will hammer that decision out later, but one thing that will weigh heavily is the movie selection. These are the possible candidates for the night;


-“Hancock”-Some might argue that Will Smith is among the best actors of his generation. Some might argue that. We are not going to lie, but we weren’t impressed with the “Pursuit of Happiness” or “Ali.” His acting wasn’t bad in it, just more a product of a poor movie. Granted we are suckers for films like “Independence Day,” which we typically watch when it appears on Encore. We heard “Hancock” was alright. It doesn’t look like a movie that makes me want to jump out of my seat and go see, but it looks entertaining nonetheless. On the downside, we heard it was alarmingly short, and if we are gonna pay 40 bucks for a night out, we at least want to earn it.

-“HellBoy II”-Not gonna lie, we pretty much didn’t want to see this movie. We like comics, we like action, but the first one was just eh. We didn’t really want to see this movie…until we saw this commercial, which has nothing to do with the movie, but we are suckers for blatant jokes. The only one we like is at about 50 seconds.


-“Vantage Point”-We are a little suprised by this movie. Judging from the lack of information that we have heard about it, we are going to assume that it isn’t very good. We are thinking it is something along the lines of “The Interpreter,” but perhaps we will find out more. Besides, we are fans of most of the projects that Forest Whitaker takes on.

Of course the “Dark Knight” comes out next week, which pretty much renders all other movies obsolete.


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