PING! A day late and a dollar short

Yea we are late with this (2 days late in fact), but who cares. People only cruise this sight looking for chicks in the clicks, and that takes a lot of effort. We don’t have any of that for you right now. All we have for you is baseball highlights. If you want that stuff, go here.

Miami 3, Stanford 8; A day late and a dollar short was the slogan for the Miami Hurricanes after this one. The ‘Canes managed to go all season and lose 8 games. They lost 8 times in a conference that was easily the most dominating in the country. The ‘Canes have also managed to lose 3 times in their last 6 tries. That is not good, especially in tournament play. I suppose it was a tough draw for the #1 national seed, but they managed to lose to every team in their bracket at some point this season. Miami led for a whole 2 and a half innings, then it was over. In all, it wasn’t a good night for Miami players. Their best player was 1 K short of the golden sombrero, their pitching was lackluster at best all tournament, and their whole team lacked in Jeterness Bradyness Eli Manningness(?). Not to overshadow the win for the giant tree hugging team, but the number 1 seed blew this tournament. Their toughest opponent should have been a struggling FSU team, but it turns out it was themselves. Miami went 2-15 and 8 strikeouts with RiSP, and have been eliminated from the college world series in 3 games for each of the past 4 trips. Oh well, better luck next year. At least your mascot can dance.


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