Boob tube time: Weekend edition

Alright, so it’s 4:30 on a Friday. We are physically at work, but couldn’t be further away from even thinking about work. People at work are asking if they can help me with anything, and all I think about is that hell no, you can’t help me write on my blog. Then I realize they are talking about work, and I sheepishly utter “no thanks.” There is a possibility that we will go to the movies tonight, and we can’t really think of anything worth seeing (Full Disclosure-we might see “Get Smart” hence the pic), but we will find something. For others, you might be at home, and in front of your giant plasma tv. If this is the case, here are some things for you to check out this weekend:

(My 9 7:00-10:00) Reds at Yankees-The Yankees are playing well, Volquez is pitching for the Reds, and JP Riccardi’s favorite player is suiting up.

(CBS 8:00-9:00) “Ghost Whisperer”-At least Jennifer Love Hewitt is on it.

(ESPN 7:00-10:00) College World Series-They were relegated to ESPN2 for World Series of Poker reruns, but tonight the college kids get the primetime spotlight.

(CSPAN 8:00-11:00) Tonight from Washington-We wanted to link to Court TV, but we don’t know what channel it is. CSPAN is practically the same thing. The only reason we wanted to put a “legal” related station is because we wanted to link to this story. We find it funny that Duke admits how horrible their football team is.


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