Wang is out

That’s what she said. Yes those jokes are lame, but we find them clever and awesomo. Unfortunately for the Yanks, the injury is not a joke. The AP reports that Chien-Ming Wang will be out for at least 6 weeks. In our medical opinion, which means nothing, a “partially torn tendon” is not a good thing. The sprained foot doesn’t help either. I guess everyone’s favorite clutch master will have to refrain from “wang” references for a while. This injury sparks a few debates;

1.) If pitchers can’t even run the bases, are they even athletes?

2.) What do the Yankees do next?

The first question is a rhetorical one, of course they are athletes. As for what the Yankees do next…Do they make a play for C.C., or any other top notch pitcher? We are definately of the opinion that they should not sign C.C. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? The Yankees can throw nothing but money at the man next year. Not sure of any other top notch pitcher the Yankees can grab, but I guess the young guns will really need to mature quickly. They also have some decent talent in the minors. In the end, a rest for a pitcher is never bad thing. See Curt Schilling for an example of a pitcher that apparently only works 1 month of the year. Hopefully Wang can recover in time to join the Yankees for their post season push. Hey, if he doesn’t get better, they still have Moose. Look for Hank to start criticizing the NL for not having a DH.



One Response to “Wang is out”

  1. Steves. Says:

    Cans. That is all.

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