Boob Tube Time: Happy B-Day to me

Because it’s my birthday, I felt like spreading joy. The video above is something that brings me hours and hours of joy. Since it is my B-day, I don’t plan to be sitting in front of the t.v. That doesn’t mean you have plans. For those of you that don’t, here are some things to check out on the tele tonight.

8:00-11:00; Yankees @ Astros-Joba is pitching. That is enough to make us tune in. (UPN 9)

7:00-9:00; “Blue Streak”-This is a tremendously underrated movie. (HBO)

9:00-11:00-“300”-Tonight WE DINE IN HELLLLLL!!!-Following Blue Streak, check out this testosterone loaded flick. Tell me that this guy isn’t on steriods.

8:00pm-4:00am Beverly Hills Cop 1/2-This movie is on all night, so it is a good thing to fall asleep to. You can keep waking up to new and exciting jokes. That Eddie Murphy, he is one silly f*cker. (Bravo)


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